PDO - Embedding Therapy Needle

DBO Miracu  - PDO - Embedding Therapy Needle (Face Thread Lifting Needle)

"Miracu" - Embedding Therapy Needle 
Face Thread Lifting or Surture Thread with needle

MIARCU by Absobable Thread
- Miracu show immediate (lifting effect, as well as long lasting effect, Miracu has 4 types of thickness (4.0, 5.0, 6.0, 7.0mm) approved by KFDA as PDO (polydioxanone).
- The stability of suture thread is high and it promotes the synthesis of collagen for a long time, because it is absorbable within 6~8monthes.
- Miracu can be treated at any outdoor consulting rooms, because it is new lifting technology with small downtime, Miracu accelerates microcirculation in a treated part, regenerating cells and synthesizing collagen, because Miracu uses ultra-micro suture thread.